Magic in Sound

I believe sound in film contributed so much in making the piece so tense and interesting  The very dramatic and mysterious sound brought everyone to follow the movie. I find that the shots, story and conversation in Clown Train film are considered simple, but the sound used cleverly and make people curious about what is going to happen next.

We can usually find this kind of sound in horror or thriller films. The sounds that is getting louder helps to increase the tension of the watchers. it gives an illusion that something scary is coming near you or anything dangerous can just happen anytime soon. I feel that a great horror or thriller films can succeed only by the help of great sound or background music.

In term of the structure, this film doesn’t employ the three act structure because the Clown Train does not show an introduction to the story. The film starts with the problem straight away when the boy woke up in the train not knowing where he was.

From this short film, I really learn how background music/sound can make a big difference. We will definitely consider putting some music or sound on our piece, STU’S DATE..


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