Story Idea & Story Outline

In Film & TV course, all students are required to write their own story idea and story outline..

First of all, I learnt how these two are very similar. Basically, story idea is a very short summary of your film, when story outline is deeper and more into details of your film. In conclusion, when story idea just telling us what’s the film is all about, story outlines describe what we will see in the film.

To be hones, I am really bad in writing. However, I forced myself to write and these are some examples of story idea and story outline.
Story idea:

1. Samuel and Samantha grew up together as best friends. As they grew older, Samuel started liking other girl in University. This broke Samantha’s heart as Samuel choosing to spend time with other girl over her. The pain in Samantha’s heart made her realised that she loved Samuel. Samantha is left with two options: letting go of Samuel or fight for her secret love.

2. Playboy Mark made a bet with his friend to make the bookworm Susie to fall in love with him. As Mark and Susie get closer, he started seeing beauty behind Susie’s thick glasses. Mark fell for Susie for real! However, Susie found out about the bet Mark made with his friend.


Story outline:

Samantha, 20, is standing behind a wall peeking at her best friend, Samuel, happily talking to a girl. In her hand, Samantha is holding Samuel’s and her favorite drinks. She keeps looking at the drinks on her hand. Flash back memories about Samuel keep coming in Samantha’s mind, days when they spent together; days when they used to order their favorite drinks together. There are anger and sadness inside her heart seeing her very best friend is not by her side anymore. There is a battle inside her mind, she’s afraid of losing samuel but on the other hand, she is glad that Samuel is now so happy. Without Samantha realising, Samuel is approaching her and embrace her.


There are so many things that I need to improve in these two example. I find that I am not describing the ideas well. Moreover, the facts that you have watch so much films beforehand, also make me feel that my ideas are not that original..


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