Audion #1

This is one of the most exciting process of planning Stu’s Date short film. We advertised the role of our main character through STAR NOW website. It is a very useful and powerful website where actors and film makers meet.

We are so grateful that our film received so much people applying for the role. However, choosing the right ones is not that simple. We followed Paul’s advice to only choose 5 people for the role because we simply dont wanna spend the whole day to cast so many people.

Our first day of casting was not a great one, because some of the people actually canceled their casting appointment with us very last minutes, some did not reply our emails and some was just not professional enough for not turning up.

We expected 10 people came for the audition and we spent the whole day staying in RMIT for this audition. However, we had only 3 people acting out the role of Stu and 1 for the role of Jenny. We are still grateful that at the end, at least three people came to the audition.

So far from this audition, we havent found our STU and JENNY yet.. 😦


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