Script Writing

There must be a great script behind a great film..

I guess, this is the reason why we started Film and TV course with a lecture on this topic. I have to say that Christine did a great job for making this lecture interesting and useful at the same time.

From this lecture I learnt how film is really different to novel. It is really important and challenging at the same time to send a message across with film because with film, people have limited chance to understand the message. When people watch a film, it will keep going and people cant go back like reading novels.


Another importan lesson that I learnt from the lecture is we need to make sure that it is interesting. Our daily life is boring, we dont wanna see it in a film.

A story is a chain of recreation to an unusual event”

When we write a script, we are God. We have the power and ability to create our own world, character and plot.


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