Student Charter



Student Charter is basically outlining our rights and responsibilities as a student in RMIT. It helps to encourage us to be the best that we can be. It clearly states the responsibility of RMIT and us as students for achieving the goals we set when we got into this university.



I believe that RMIT has made this for the best of both parties, us, as the students in RMIT and the university itself. The first point made, I believe, is important to encourage us to be more mature in our decisions and not to be swayed into different directions.  Yes, the university has a lot to offer us students with many options, but they also realised that we need to pursue what we have decided in order to make us achieving our goals. Also, to achieve our goals, we need to work in honesty and integrity. Many cases have happened that students got dropped out due to plagiarism. Therefore, RMIT encourages us to work in honesty and integrity to avoid defamation of our names and RMIT as well.


As we are now a part of RMIT, it is also important for us to grow by receiving feedbacks from RMIT, which is more experienced than us. But at the same time they need our feedbacks for their improvement. It’s a mutualism relationship and it is important to be performed for both parties’ advantages. It is clear that RMIT and us want to be the best out of the best. While RMIT is improving itself, we also need to perform our best to achieve our goals. Therefore, we need a championship’s mindset to excel in everything that we do.

RMIT is a university where many diverse nationalities come and gather together to get educated. Therefore, it is important for all the students as well as the teachers to put aside their differences and work together in a friendly environment that supports the education. This is described in three points from number four up to number six. This explains the importance of treating each other with respects and no racism shall be found in RMIT.


RMIT is not our own. Yes, it is not our place. But, we need to treat its resources and facilities with respects, as it is our own place. We study and learn in RMIT, I believe that it is our responsibilities to take care of the cleanliness of the university and the environment. We also need to support every decisions made and provides everything they need on time in order for everything to run smoothly.

Student Charter is important for us to know our rights and everything that we deserve from the university, and also to acknowledge our responsibilities as a part of RMIT’s students. In that case, we will keep our mutualism relationship with one another.


I have shared my works to many people before. I have created videos for fathers’ day celebration at my church, I have created a video for my grandfather’s birthday party, ect. However, they are all people that I know personally. In this course, I had to share my works to the world, to people that I know. There is a doubt that I would disappoint people that see my works. I am afraid that my work is not good enough for world to see. However, this course forced me to share my world to public and I see there’s benefits for that. I realised that by letting more people that we do not know enables us to get more feedback. They are people who do not care our feelings. They give us a very honest feedbacks. When we show our works to people that we know, there is  possibility that we receive a bias answer that will not help us to improve our works. By knowing honest feedback we would be able to improve our capability in teling a message.




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