Take this lollipop

From the name, I thought this is going to be a sweet and cute digital story. I WAS WRONG. This is a very scary digital story that included you in it. It is s moving image video with very intense music.

The creator of this story, Jason Zada, has taken such an amazing concept of enjoying ‘jokes’ in the different way. Also, it is 100% for fun only and people do not have to worry about their information to be spread away after ‘enjoying’ this website.

This is a very powerful, creative and unique piece. Its not only the images that is very cool and scary, but the usage of the audience’s Facebook is brilliant. I was really shock to see my pictures there. It is very powerful because it literally bring the audiences into the story. Very well done..!!!

I can’t really think of the bad part of this piece. However, I just think that the website name is not suitable for the story.

Sound of my voice

Sound of my voice is a very interesting movie that i just watched. This movie has a very beautiful cinematography images. I love it to death. It has a consistent color, very soft and beautiful. This too has a very interesting idea to start off with. The natural frustration of seeing a film intended as the start of a trilogy. I has a very beautiful shots. The actress also has a very good acting skill. it was so awesome. However, I think there is a very limited location of the shoot in this film that makes it a bit dry.

Pine Point

This website provide us with a different kind of digital story. It is a combination of moving images and words.. It is a very interesting piece because it is very interactive. There are a lot of effects in the piece as well, this helps the audience to keep interested and watch the whole video. All the media are blended naturally and this is a very excellent thing.

However, this way of telling story is not the best way in my opinion because many people may get bored easily. For me personally, I would rather watch videos of full moving images when actually someone read the narration for us. But overall, this is a very interesting way of digital story.


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