Smart Apps

smartphone is a mobile phone built on a mobile operating system, with more advanced computing capability and connectivity than a feature phone. Nowadays, smartphones are really popular. Almost every people use this technology. Smartphone helps its users in many ways. However, this technology doe not stand by itself; there are many applications that support smartphone to be as powerful at it is now.


Facebook, YouTube and Twitter are very well known apps that are used by thousand of smart phone users. They allow smart phone users to access their Facebook and Twitter account in a single click. Facebook has taken another level in advertising strategy.  Nowadays, many company advertise their products through Facebook. They give special discount and promotion for Facebook users.



Picture speaks louder than words, but a breathtaking picture takes out the words out of people’s mouth. We love to share our life stories with our beloved and Instagram is an interesting way to share our world with them. This application allows us to edit our pictures in a very easy way. Through Instagram, not only professionals could produce a breathtaking picture, everyone could! All we need to do is take the best pictures of you or anything you want to share. Then, crop the images to the best part of the photo. To make your picture much more refined, pick the most suitable filter effect for our images. It does not only makes your picture clearer, but each filter also gives different feelings to the picture, so we could also share the feeling to our friends. When you’re done, just upload it straight away to your Instagram account and it could be connected to your Facebook! It is just as easy as it sounds. Start sharing your life with your beloved ones with Instagram!


But, you know what!! Instagram is not only for posting the pictures of your life! You can use it as one of the advertising and marketing media. Many stores starts to make their way to online shop their products. Many public figures are also in Instagram to keep in touch with their fans. This application allows fans to see their idols’ life online. Instagram has increased its users’ privacy by giving the users’ more power to protect their privacy. However, the only bad thing about Instagram is that you have to crop your picture before you upload it to Instagram. Sometimes, you can have your whole picture uploaded.. 😦


Instagram is my all the time favorite apps.If you have never used this apps before, you should start now. It is a free application that you can download anytime. You can also use your Facebook account to log in, so what are you waiting for..?? Grab your phone and download this apps now.. (:


Another amazing apps that I just found recently is Beat the Q



This is a very cool apps that you can get for FREE..!! Beat the Q is an app that helps you to order your favorite coffee in your favorite cafe. This apps really understands our busy lifestyle, so we can just use this apps to order our drinks without wasting your time lining and waiting for your drink. All you need to do is download this app and sign up an account. You will be given a list of cafe near you, you just need to see the menu and order it in single click. How awesome is that..??

However, I think this apps is not that popular yet because there is a very limited cafe options. So guys, download this apps so that this app become more and more popular and more and more cafe join this awesome app…!!! (:


Last but not least, Evernote is my other favorite apps


Evernote is an app that will help you to have your notes wherever you are. This app is quite similar to Dropbox.

You will need to sign up with them with your email.  After that you can use the this app straight away. What makes it different to Dropbox, this app allow you to write note with any devise that you have and the most interesting thing is that you can accesses the notes with any devises you have. You just need to have the application in your devises and by signing up to your account, you can access any notes that you stored in the database. What makes this app is more awesome is that it is again a FREE app. (:


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