Sam The Caterpillar


Sam The Caterpillar is a digital story targeting young viewers. It is a story of kindergarden caterpillar that went through a process in its life. We are trying to teach young kids that there are times when things around us go wrong. Maybe we fight with our friends or maybe times when we have a toothache and we are not allowed to eat sweet food. Everyone have to go through that because it is a process of life. All things that happens to us shape our character to be a better person in the future. We decided the name “Sam” for our main character because it is the resemblance of all the audience. We think that Sam it is an universal name (can be Samuel or Samantha); We want to to target both boys and girls.

We have uploaded this video to Facebook and Vimeo because we believe that these two channel are really popular. We also created a blog dedicated to Sam. A Facebook page also has been set up to create more awareness on this new character..

Sam The Caterpillar is a min and 40 sec video of still images. We took all background pictures in this video with our phone and digitals camera. Caterpillar in this video is made by a very talented artist from church, named Ellen Tanoemarga. The rest of the character this video are drawn by my group mate (Sherren Tam). The beautiful voice over of this video is done by my group mate (Aidee Wong). I used Final Cut Pro to edit this video. I used the tool motion to move the object to make it more alive and interesting.

We realised that this is not a perfect video because of the limited time that we had to finish this video. Things that I could improve from this piece is more to the detail of the piece. I would get better images, I would get the characters to move more as well as getting more sound effect to make the pieve more alive.However, I am really glad that I have group mates that are really supportive and helpful. Over all, we are really happy and proud to present to you…


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