My Second HOME.. <3

There is always a beginning for everything. My journey as a university student started in RMIT two years ago. Building 9 on Bowen Street has been a really special place to me.

I spent most of my university life in that building. I attended most of my tutorial classes in this building as well.In fact this building is where I attended the first session in RMIT. The first session that I attended was the late orientation session in building nine level three. My brother took me to RMIT for the first time; I was really nervous and anxious to meet new friends on that time. There were only 10-15 students in that room that attended the late orientation. During that orientation, I met a lot of new friends and I am really glad that after two years, they are now my best friends.



My favourite place to study is at level 2, where the lounge is.The lounge in this building is a very cozy place for me to do my assignments and to have group meetings with my other friends. However, couple weeks ago there was a very unpleasant thing happend in this cozy lounge. There was a problem with the alarm of the doors; It made a very noise alarm. I have no idea what was wrong with that door it would just kept ringing at 6 pm. I really hope that this does not happen again in the future. 😦


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