E-book V.S. Paperback Book

Figures provided by the ABA show 2010 was the first year in a decade when book sales did not grow in Australia. The market grew 0.4 per cent in volume and was down 4 per cent in value in 2010.
Growth in retail trade in Australia rose 1.1 per cent in April, it’s strongest monthly result since November 2009, according to the most recent Australian Bureau of Statistics figures.

It is really shocking that Senator Sherry issued a statement saying the government was keenly aware of the growing shift to online purchases and urged small businesses to build their on-line capacity last year.

“I think in five years, other than a few specialist booksellers in capital cities, we will not see a bookstore, they will cease to exist.”


This semester a couple of students and I completed a mock TV segment/story for a news or current affairs program of our choice – we chose The Consumer Quarter. We were to create, pitch, develop, edit and produce a story in the style of The Consumer Quarter. Our news piece is ‘the plight of the independent bookstore. In this assignment we discuss the rise of E-book. My group members and I went to the street to shoot vox-pops on their view on E-book. We received various different answers from them.. There are a lot of people who think that E-book is future for book, when many believe that paperback books will always survive and fill their bookshelf.


Many of people feel that E-book is very convenient because of its small size and light weight



E-book users do not need to carry big and heavy books around, they just need to bring their very light kindle or Ipad with them to get access to their favorite books anytime and anywhere. Have you ever seen Law Student’s book?? It is huge and heavy. I find it really amazing that this thousand pages book can be stored in a small devise.


ebook has a capacity to store hundreds of books in one devise



Many book lovers feel very helped by Ebook when it comes to travelling. I interviewed one person who personally experience the connivence of E-book. She loves books so much that she had to prepare a luggage specially to keep her books when she went travelling. However, Ebook helps her to bring many books without carrying a luggage specially for her favorites books. The Ebook is also will help us to stop having a big big big bookshelf for our book collections.


Cheaper price on the book

Ebook production costs much cheaper than actually producing a book. Average production cost for a $26 hardcover paperback is around $4.05. It is much higher than an average production for a $9.9 download which it only around $2.12. The Seven Novels of Jane Austen sold in paperback form for $12.99 when you can get it for free in Kindle version. Amazing, isn’t?

Most of Ebook also available online without shipping cost, ect. This makes book lovers spend less money on their books. In fact, Kindle’s owner purchase 3.3 times more tittles than before they switched to E-book.


E-book is environmentally friendly

For book lovers that care for our world, they must think that E-book is the answer for global warming. In fact the Carbon Emission required to make 40-50 books are equal to Carbon Emission required to make 1 ebook.


However, despite all the good review from people, there are also a lot of people that still enjoy reading paperback books no matter what. For them, paperbacks book is irreplaceable.

Many people think that there is a pleasure in reading paperback books


Many of us grew up with paperback books, we grew up flipping pages when we read books. Many people feel there is something missing when they read ebooks. They feel the pleasure of touching paper and not kindle screen. They love the smell of book, they like to put their book by the side of their bed.


Unpleasant feeling on eyes

Some people are tired of using technology. They sit in front of computer for hours daily. Reading ebook sometimes tire the eyes.


For me personally, I think there are plus and minus in both version of book. However, I think there is more benefit that we can get from reading an e-book.


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