Search Engine ♥

Search engines are programs that search documents for specified keywords and returns a list of the documents where the keywords were found. Google, DuckDuckGo and Instagrok are examples of search engines, Google is one of the strongest and most popular one. In fact, that is the only search engine that I have been using for years. I have never heard of the other two search engine before, DuckDuckGo and Instagrok, so I will do a bit of experiment to compare these three search engine.  I typed in ‘Love’ in all these three search engines. These three search engines have their own strengths and weaknesses.


Most people that uses The Internet often should be really familiar with this search engine. Many people say that Google is one of the most powerful and used search engine; it seems that Google is the most popular search engine. It is a very reliable program that is used by thousand people from different age groups; it is a very straight forward and simple search engine that makes it very easy to use.

Google gives all the users very broad answers. It shows all documents that contain the keywords that we typed in. This gives users much varieties of answer; however, sometimes users can be overloaded with all the unnecessary information that makes me missed the important ones.

What I like about google is that it helps users to get the correct words by suggesting the words and correcting it. Google also has a lot of features that makes the experience of using Google even more fun and convenience.

However, as the concerns of Google’s recent activity rises and they push advertising and their own products (stand up Google+) in users faces more and more people are looking for alternatives. Google also records all computers IP address and list down everything that users searched on Google to make a profile of them. I also heard rumours saying that Google sell the users’ profile to many companies. It also uses the users’ profile they made to advertise the most suitable advertisement for all the users.Without realising, Google is giving out free information for the users when it actually making money out of all the users.



Unlike the Google and DuckDuckGo, Instagrok has a very unique layout. InstaGrok  is an intelligent Web search engine for educational content that helps learners find educational materials on any topic and assists them in selecting material(s) most suited for their interests and knowledge level.

InstaGrok helps learners to understan the topic better by visualize the concept and relationships through graphics. InstaGrok also divides its information by different categories, such as video, key facts, websites, images and books to make it easier for the users to find the right information. What is the most unique about InstaGrok is that it provides learners with quizes that help them to understand the topic better.



DuckDuckGo is a search engine founded by Gabriel Weinberg. This program layout looks similar to Google. I found the logo of this program which is duck looks, however this makes this program looks a bit less professional and reliable to me.

Not like Google, DuckDuckGo is a search engine that keeps their users’ privacy by not storing their IP addresses or logs user information. This makes the users feel more safe and private when using this search engine.

DuckDuckGo also categorised the result in different categories, like music, books, locations, and literature to make it easier for users to choose the more specific documents.

I noticed that DuckDuckGo has no AdWords Ads, which is very good. I think people will find that the result given his search engine very relevant at the first glance.  I love how this search engine is very straight and it gives us very clear and organised results.  Moreover, it also gives us more search suggestions for our topic.


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