The editing part of the film is one of the most enjoyable and challenging in my opinion. We spent hours and hours in the edit suite combining all the clips and making it the way we want it to be.

We were really heartbroken when we realised that we have some visual quality issues that can’t be fixed. However, we are so glad that finally we reach this stage, the last step of this very big project.

There is not much problem that we faced during the editing process. We started our project by choosing the best clips.

However, if I am given the opportunity to reshoot, I would pay more attention on  small details to make sure there’s a nice continuity. And of course make sure that we have the right camera setting, so that we can get the best visual quality. Other than that I am quite pleased with our very first short film, Stu’s Date.. 🙂




Our BIG Day.. <3


After a very long and tiring preparation, finally the day of the actual shooting arrived. We had our shooting for Stu’s Date on 12th May. It was a very long and tiring day for everyone, but we are really glad that we managed to capture all shots that we need.

We had to be on the shooting location early in the morning. The crew arrived one hour  before the actors scheduled to arrived. We used that precious one hour to set up the location, block all windows with plastic bag and get ourself ready for the day.

It was a day full with experiments for all of the crew.

Stu’s date is our very first short movie, all of us have a very minimum skill and experience in this field. We never really played with the lighting, sound and for me, it was my first time directing a film.

We had some problems along the way, there were some miss communication happend. However, everything went well and this is a very valuable experience for me.

Similar Scenes

As the director of Stu’s Date project, I managed to find some similar scenes that I believe will help all crew in the process of planning and on the day of the shooting itself.

Scene 1 – Bathroom

In this scene, Stu will be getting ready for the date and rehearsing some pick-up lines from a magazine. Due to the small size of the bathroom, we will shoot Stu’s reflection from the mirror.

Wong Fu Production (Take it Slow) captured an amazing reflection shoot in a similar setting..

Screen Shot 2013-04-23 at 12.12.21 PM


Scene 3 – Welcoming Jenny As Stu is opening the door and Jenny is standing there in a short, tight dress. First, we will show Stu’s impressed face expression. Continued by panning from Jenny’s foot to her face. Another similar shot also done by The Wong Fu production.

Screen Shot 2013-04-24 at 1.10.15 PM

Scene 4 – Jenny ‘s Dinner

This scene will show Jenny’s huge appetite when she is eating cat’s food with no manner. She will be eating straight from the can with her hand. Jenny will be acting like this girl from White Chicks.

Screen Shot 2013-04-25 at 7.03.38 PM

Rehearsal day

Our big day of shooting is approaching!!! Personally, I am quite nervous about the shooting day, because we are not really familiar and mastered all the equipments that we going to use. However, the rehearsal day was a really good opportunity for all of us to practice and making sure we will be able to operate the equipments.


We also use this opportunity to get familiar about the location we are going to use. Our group member, Lauren is kind enough to let us use her house as the location of this short film shooting.


Dining table


The rehearsal day went quite well, I managed to play around more with the lightings and other equipments that we gonna use. I find that they are all quite easy to operate, but it will be challenging to operate all of them and achieve what we want to see in the film.




Audition #2

Since we havent found the ‘right’ Jenny and Stu for our short film, we decided to hold another audition hoping there would be more people turned up. We feel so lucky to have 4 great actors attended the audition. There were 2 Stu’s candidate and 2 Jenny’s candidate.

We are so excited, because we finally FOUND the ‘right’ Stu and Jenny from this audition.


After a long discussion, finally we decided that Ryan Scammell would be the most suitable person acting as the main role in our short film.



As for the beautiful Jenny, we chosen Belinda Jerkin. We are really confident that Belinda would be able to act as Jenny perfectly.

All the crew was so impressed by these two actors. Even though, there are some little things that we need to ‘fix’, we are truly confident that we have made the right decision..!! Can’t wait for our big day!!

Magic in Sound

I believe sound in film contributed so much in making the piece so tense and interesting  The very dramatic and mysterious sound brought everyone to follow the movie. I find that the shots, story and conversation in Clown Train film are considered simple, but the sound used cleverly and make people curious about what is going to happen next.

We can usually find this kind of sound in horror or thriller films. The sounds that is getting louder helps to increase the tension of the watchers. it gives an illusion that something scary is coming near you or anything dangerous can just happen anytime soon. I feel that a great horror or thriller films can succeed only by the help of great sound or background music.

In term of the structure, this film doesn’t employ the three act structure because the Clown Train does not show an introduction to the story. The film starts with the problem straight away when the boy woke up in the train not knowing where he was.

From this short film, I really learn how background music/sound can make a big difference. We will definitely consider putting some music or sound on our piece, STU’S DATE..

Story Idea & Story Outline

In Film & TV course, all students are required to write their own story idea and story outline..

First of all, I learnt how these two are very similar. Basically, story idea is a very short summary of your film, when story outline is deeper and more into details of your film. In conclusion, when story idea just telling us what’s the film is all about, story outlines describe what we will see in the film.

To be hones, I am really bad in writing. However, I forced myself to write and these are some examples of story idea and story outline.
Story idea:

1. Samuel and Samantha grew up together as best friends. As they grew older, Samuel started liking other girl in University. This broke Samantha’s heart as Samuel choosing to spend time with other girl over her. The pain in Samantha’s heart made her realised that she loved Samuel. Samantha is left with two options: letting go of Samuel or fight for her secret love.

2. Playboy Mark made a bet with his friend to make the bookworm Susie to fall in love with him. As Mark and Susie get closer, he started seeing beauty behind Susie’s thick glasses. Mark fell for Susie for real! However, Susie found out about the bet Mark made with his friend.


Story outline:

Samantha, 20, is standing behind a wall peeking at her best friend, Samuel, happily talking to a girl. In her hand, Samantha is holding Samuel’s and her favorite drinks. She keeps looking at the drinks on her hand. Flash back memories about Samuel keep coming in Samantha’s mind, days when they spent together; days when they used to order their favorite drinks together. There are anger and sadness inside her heart seeing her very best friend is not by her side anymore. There is a battle inside her mind, she’s afraid of losing samuel but on the other hand, she is glad that Samuel is now so happy. Without Samantha realising, Samuel is approaching her and embrace her.


There are so many things that I need to improve in these two example. I find that I am not describing the ideas well. Moreover, the facts that you have watch so much films beforehand, also make me feel that my ideas are not that original..